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Alice in Wonderland gokkast hacken met mobiel Gene Wilder The Gryphon Picture Production / Performer Description Dreamchild Ron Mueck, Fulton MacKay The Gryphon, along with the Mock Turtle, are the first Wonderland characters encountered in the dreams and imaginations of the now elderly Alice Hargreaves.
Somewhat more aggressive than most versions of the character, the White Rabbit at one point bodily threatens Kermit.
Many people wonder about the tag on the Mad Hatter's hat.Muppet Babies Baby Gonzo A photo puppet of Baby Gonzo appears as the Mad Hatter at the Mad Tea-Party in the 1990 Muppet Babies Storybook Calendar and the companion book Muppet Babies' Classic Children's Tales.He just referred to him as 'the Hatter'.Abby in Wonderland Bert Ernie Bert comments on their brief scene as the twin characters.According to a pop-up book which leads to the rabbit's house, his full name is Frederick Rabbit.That night, she dreams of taking a train to cartoon-land, where a red carpet reception awaits.He occasionally is very rude and provokes Alice during the tea party.Tweedledum: I advised them not to take him, but they wouldn't listen.Unlike some of the other characters, his name is not adapted to more closely suit his persona.Other The Muppet Show Abby in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland.Alice in Wonderland Rob Tygner (puppeteer) Francis Wright (voice) Adrian Getley (body) The March Hare appeared in the Creature Shop TV movie, accompanying the Mad Hatter on banjo during musical numbers.They have a welcoming parade, with Alice riding on an elephant.
In Through the Looking-Glass, he makes a cameo appearance as "Haigha one of the White King's messengers at the fight between the Lion and the Unicorn.
Picture Production / Performer Description The Muppet Show Steve Whitmire The White Rabbit appeared in episode 506 as one of the only original puppets in the Muppets' adaptation.